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StereoVision Imaging, Inc.

Enhancing Facial Recognition with 3D Technology for Safety and for Security

StereoVision Imaging, Inc. (SVI), a leading developer of facial recognition technology, sees 3D real world data as a rich stream of naturally encoded statistics that can quickly resolve a face in the crowd in complex conditions and situations.
Our patented technology captures imagery in 3D space through specialized binocular optics or commercial off -the-shelf fixed camera systems and extracts faces in 2D for real time comparison.
Utilizing face matching algorithms traceable to NIST government evaluation; SVI's enhancement technology, co-developed and already in use by U.S. military and local/state law enforcement allows for facial recognition technology to now operate at extended ranges, indoors and/or outdoors under uncontrolled environmental conditions.

Facial Recognition applications include but not limited to:
• Security Access Checkpoints: Improve performance significantly over existing 2D systems.
• VIP security: Watch list for public venues incorporates terroristic threat and other perpetrators in the region.
• Undercover Mobile Surveillance Task Forces: Is this the guy on our Top 10 list? Who are our persons of interest associating with? Build the interrelationship profile to enable the broader investigation.
• Situational Awareness: One investigative cell overlaps a person from an another investigative cell. Send alert.
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