SVI Facial Intelligence

The science of human identification technology

We see in 3D

We use 3D imaging to produce the highest level of accuracy possible in facial biometrics.

Every person is a collection of faces.

Can your system recognize all of them?

Traditional 2D facial recognition often fails to identify a match due to changes in lighting conditions or facial position (not to mention hats, hoods, or sunglasses) or walking or running subjects.

SVI uses the increased accuracy and flexibility of 3D facial scanning to identify subjects in motion and with off-angle poses. SVI even scans through sunglasses to acquire a complete facial image—no hiding.

Biometric accuracy at surveillance ranges

The world’s only technology capable of scanning with biometric accuracy at long ranges.

Superior Accuracy in Any Condition

SVI fuses patented LIDAR and Video techniques to produce precise facial scans at a distance, whether indoors or outdoors, day or night—whether turned, still, or in-motion. Even through windshields.

Insights with facial analytics

Discover what’s hidden in large facial databases
  • Stolen identities
  • Fraudulent activity
  • Known criminals and persons of interest
  • Hidden risks and unknown relationships

7 billion people in the world

How accurately can your database distinguish between them?


Introducing SVI Facial Intelligence

Sensors • Software • Systems • Services

See how SVI Facial Intelligence compares with your current system

Traditional Facial Recognition

Fingerprint & Iris Recognition

SVI Facial Intelligence

Facial image type

2D only


3D & 2D

High precision for surveillance operations


No surveillance capability


Long range operation

Poor Accuracy



Operates without subject cooperation




With variable lighting conditions




With sunglasses and other occlusions




With non-frontal pose




With facial expression, beards or other facial changes




In vehicles




Biometric enrollment of subjects in cooperative and non-cooperative scenarios




Biometric forensics after incidents occur


Limited with fingerprint capture


Operates in high throughput areas




Enhancement of low quality databases




Identify fraud and stolen identities




Link known associates




Ingest image data from public and private data sources and normalize




Solving the world’s most difficult identity validation & analysis challenges:

Safety through Certainty®

SVI currently partners with select commercial and government customers
to solve their most complex identity challenges.