3DCapture™ Security Checkpoint Face Recognition Enhancement Technology

It is readily known, today’s 2D biometric capture systems have issues with cast shadows and other unwanted illumination features on the face as well as foreground and background clutter that at times confound the recognition process eliminating face recognition systems to work in environments where otherwise these systems ideally would like to be deployed.

Operating as a 3D pre-processor between stereoscopic image capture and any existing 2D face matcher system, SVI’s solution extracts and enhances imagery from standard stereo cameras utilizing 3D segmentation techniques tuned to optimized camera settings and advanced photo normalization techniques to compensate for non-uniform illumination across the face.

These enhancements greatly improve identification performance allowing face recognition systems to be deployed indoors as well as outdoors. SVI’s 3DCapture™ preprocessor has been designed for an add-on capability to existing 2D video surveillance systems enabling improved real-time identification of moving persons. High-performance face recognition can now be pursued wherever security is a concern.

Converting your existing 2D fixed surveillance/identification system today to 3D is easy. With the addition of another camera and integration of our SDK, background information is removed (blue screen) enabling the camera system to “see” and analyze only the information that needs to be processed; effectively removing background noise thus improving performance.

3DCapture™ SDK Demonstrations

3DCapture™ Software Development Kit (SDK)

SVI's 3DCapture™ Software Development Kit (SDK) provides all the necessary functionality to create, develop and deploy solutions using SVI’s uniquely powerful automatic 3DCapture™ face recognition enhancement technology. The 3DCapture™ SDK offers:

  • Multiple real-time algorithms providing supremely reliable identification performance
  • Interface to commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) Stereoscopic Camera
  • Stereoscopic Camera Optimization Wizard
  • Interface to COTS 2D Face Matcher Packages

3DMobileID™ Face Recognition Binocular System Technology

StereoVision Imaging, Inc. offers a complete end-to-end 3DMobileID™ solution to law enforcement applications filling a security gap in today’s surveillance operations in areas of public safety and national security. With this mobile surveillance and on-demand identification capability, specific threats can be discretely removed using affordable state of the art technology.

SVI’s patented wireless hand-held man portable 3D FRT Binoculars bundled with SVI’s 3DCapture™ SDK allows end users the ability to have ‘persons of interest’ under surveillance via the ubiquitous binocular and perform a facial identification, upon demand, in real time at extended ranges under daylight conditions.

The 3DMobileID™ solution can easily interface to any 2D Face Matcher application as a “plug ‘n play” add-on to offering mobility and remote, ease of use at extended ranges.

3DMobileID™ Technology Demonstrations

Technology Demonstrations

If you would like to arrange a demonstration or desire more information about our 3DCapture™ and/or our 3DMobileID™ technology please feel free to contact us at anytime.

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