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Product Technology

Wireless 3D Binocular Face Recognition Technology
• Hand-Held 3DMobileID™ System Integrating Surveillance Operations with On-Demand High Performance Identification
• Capabilities at Ranges up to 200 meters*
• U.S. Military Technology Ready for Commercialization

StereoVision Imaging, Inc. (SVI), sponsored and endorsed by U.S. Special Operations Command (SOCOM) and the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) is becoming the world's leading developer of 3D binocular-based imaging products for the military and law enforcement.
SVI's patented technology integrates high performance angular magnification binoculars coupled with real time 3D facial recognition capabilities. SVI's 3DMobileID™ system software allows uploading and identification against 2D facial databases.
Powerful 3D imaging algorithms extract faces from a crowd-of-faces, for proper facial detection, statistically improving performance over competing technologies.

• Compare facial images from different sources to those stored in multi-million image databases
• Instantly view watch lists with most similar identities
• Control thresholds and watch list size
• Manage demographics and other case-related data
• Receive alarm notifications on mobile devices

How it Works:
Based on government award winning NIST 2D Face Recognition Vendor Test Algorithms, SVI researchers added key 3D pre-processing steps utilizing the data rich stereoscopic image capture nature of binocular optics. This allowed researchers to segment or automatically isolate a face out of cluttered real-world scenarios and photo-metrically enhance imagery providing uniform illumination across the face improving performance by 20-40‰.

  Typical concept of operations allows end user to view through binocular optics and have a “person-of-interest” under surveillance at ranges up to 100 meters from point of use.
End user simply presses a “Capture” Button on the device to perform real time identification against 2D database of faces.

SVI researchers have currently teamed with U.S. Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command (SPAWAR) as well as the Special Operations Command (SOCOM) to increase range to 200 meters.

3D Fixed Camera Facial Recognition Technology:
• Hand-Held 3DMobileID™ System Back-End Software Can Be Applied to Fixed Camera Systems to Enhance Performance

Low Quality 2D Imagery Enhanced Imagery and Segmented

• StereoVision Imaging, Inc. has applied its core backend software developed for mobile operations to run on 3D fixed camera systems at frame rates up to 15 frames/sec
This provides:
• Real-time 3D segmentation, instantaneously removes background clutter
• Auto foreground / background separation matches camera specifications further improving performance over competing 2D technologies
This allows:
• Real-time face tracking at nominal walking pace.
• Indoor or outdoor deployment at extended ranges
• Able to operate in uncontrolled environmental conditions

Ease of Installation:
Server based backend software architecture allows for multiple video inputs that can be wired (IP cameras) or wireless (handheld) into the facial recognition engine.
Server software can be installed on a single or multiple machines.
High-level configuration page allows for settings to be easily modified.
2D mug shot images can be readily enrolled into the facial database.
Multiple video inputs can be funneled either through the wired or wireless connections into the face recognition engine.

Market Applications:
• Law Enforcement
• Border Security
• National Fugitive Operations
• Secret Service; Protective Activities
• Critical Infrastructure Protection
• Port Security
• Military – Urban War Fighter Support
• Covert Surveillance Operations

Product Specifications:

Category Spec
Magnification 8x
Objective 32 mm
Focus to Eye Manual
Inter-ocular Adjustment Rotating Prism
3D Image Capture Resolution 5 MP
Focal Length 120 mm
3D Video Clip 8 Mbytes
Focus to Imager Auto
Face Recognition Range* 50 - 100 meters
IED at 100m 50 P
Wireless Protocol WUSB
System Response Time < 20 seconds
Size 7x5.5 x 4”
Weight < 2 lbs

System Requirements:
• High Definition 2D or 3D Network (IP) Camera(s)
• GPU: NVIDIA Graphics card with a G3D Mark of at least a 1000 and a NVIDIA computer capability of 2.1
• CPU: CPU with recent x86 compatible architecture (Core2, Phenom II or Core i7/i5)
• Minimum 1 Gigabyte DDR2/DDR3 RAM
• 3 Gigabyte of free disk space
• Runs off of Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 (32 or 64 bit), Windows 2003 Server or Windows XP Professional Server or Windows Server 2006 R2 (dependent on OS)
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