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Wireless 3D Facial Recognition Binocular Technology
• Hand-Held 3DMobileID™ System Integrating Surveillance Operations with On-Demand High Performance Identification
• Recognition capabilities at ranges up to 200 meters from point of use under uncontrolled outdoor environmental conditions of non cooperative person(s) of interest

StereoVision Imaging, Inc. (SVI) is becoming the world's leading developer of 3D binocular-based imaging products for the military and law enforcement.
SVI's patented technology integrates high performance angular magnification binoculars coupled with real time 3D facial recognition capabilities. SVI's 3DMobileID™ system software allows uploading and identification against 2D facial databases.
Powerful 3D imaging algorithms extract faces from a crowd-of-faces, for proper facial detection, statistically improving performance over competing technologies.

• Compare facial images from different sources to those stored in multi-million image databases
• Instantly view watch lists with most similar identities
• Control thresholds and watch list size
• Manage demographics and other case-related data
• Receive alarm notifications on mobile devices

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