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Stereovision Imaging, Inc. is becoming a world leading developer of 3D imaging products for security and industry. SVI's patented technology provides state-of-the-art hardware and software solutions to the military, homeland security and law enforcement. Applications include mid-range 3D facial recognition technology (FRT) enhancement , advanced scene analysis, enhanced security FRT checkpoint performance and improved image quality.
StereoVision Imaging, Inc. was founded in 2000 and is located in Pasadena, California.
Executive Management
Gregory Steinthal – President & Founder
Mr. Steinthal is the Founder and President of the Company.
As a past/current DoD, DHS,and DoJ program manager and/or principal investigator to various government agencies he brings significant business and management experience as well as technical know-how to the Company.
Mr. Steinthal has extensive background in lasers, optics, photonics, and development of machine vision algorithms. Prior to StereoVision Imaging, Inc., Mr. Steinthal was involved with laser densification of sol-gel derived silica coatings utilized to propagate optical radiation in/out of two-dimensional channel waveguides. He was then involved in the design, development and commercialization of electro-optical infrared-based sensors for several years at Telaire International in Santa Barbara, California. Later he managed the sensor development group for several years at Engelhard Sensor Technologies (formerly Telaire International) which comprised of leaders in physics, optics, and electrical engineering. The sensor development group was responsible for research and development of stationary and portable sensors designed to detect a variety of atmospheric gases. These projects touched upon commercial, military, and medical applications.
Mr. Steinthal left Engelhard to join CalTech spin-off Cyrano Sciences & later acquired by Smiths Detection, Inc. as the Director of Engineering in the development of hand-held chemical vapor detection system, i.e., an “ electronic nose”, designed to detect weapons of mass destruction (CWA's), explosives and toxic volatile organic compounds. Product development involved research, development and technology commercialization of polymer composite based sensor arrays utilizing carbon nanotubes. The engineering group he managed consists of electrical, software, chemical engineers and technicians.
Mr. Steinthal received a Master's degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Arizona, with a minor in Optics, and a BS degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Rochester. He has published several technical papers and has had several patents issued.
Frank L. Grossman – Chief Financial Officer
Mr. Grossman previously spent over 23 years with The First National Bank of Chicago (now JPMorgan Chase) serving in a range of domestic and international positions. During his tenure in Hong Kong he served as Area Head – Energy and traveled widely in China and the Asia Pacific region. In 1986 Mr. Grossman was posted to London as Area Head – Africa, where he also served on the Board of Directors of joint venture banks in Egypt and Nigeria. He retired from First Chicago/Bank One in 2002 as Managing Director – Leveraged Finance. Mr. Grossman received his BS in Electrical Engineering from The University of Texas at Austin and his MBA from the University's McCombs School of Business. He currently holds Series 7, 66 and 79 securities licenses through Marathon Capital, where he serves in an advisory capacity. Mr. Grossman has been a member of the Discover Bank Board of Directors since 2010. He also serves on the Audit Committee of Discover Bank and, is a member of the DFS Board Risk Oversight Committee for Capital Planning, part of the CCAR governance process.
Sergey Karlin – Vice President, Product Development
Sergey Karlin is a seasoned technology professional with unique blend of technical knowledge and business acumen in generating innovative product ideas and bringing them to fruition. Sergey is an acknowledged expert in the application of facial recognition and image processing technology including personal identity authentication. While at L-1 Identity Solutions, Sergey was instrumental in developing the first commercial face surveillance solution and forensic face examiner application used by major law enforcement agencies and intelligence community.
Sergey stared his professional career at AT&T Labs, where he focused on high-speed data services. Following AT&T, Sergey worked at Visual Networks, Inc., ION Networks, Inc. and Whale Communications, in each case assuming increased responsibilities. Sergey has a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Russia Academy of Sciences and M.Sc. in Applied Mathematics from Moscow State University.
Gene Walter – Marketing Director
Mr. Walter served in US ARMY 147th Artillery, 220th Military Police and finished his Military career with the 5th Battalion 19th Special Forces. Mr. Walter recently completed FEMA CERT Certification and FBI Active Shooter training. He has more than 40 years of experience in the financial services industry as an Investment Trust Officer, General Securities Principal & Branch Office Manager. He completed Due Diligence of products for company inventory and investor needs and portfolios. He served as a Due Diligence specialist, Board Member/Shareholder and Director. He received industry career certifications of Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC) and Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU).
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