Meet Our Team

Gregory Steinthal – President & Founder

Mr. Steinthal is the Founder and President of the Company with over 20 years in the defense and commercial industries leading research and product development teams from concept to manufacturing of high-tech technologies. Steinthal is experienced in photonics and electronics with a strong background in optics, electro-optics and electrical engineering.  As a past program manager and principal investigator to a number of government programs, Steinthal brings significant business and management experience as well as technical know-how to the Company.

Steinthal began his career developing infrared sensing technology for a start-up Company in Santa Barbara, CA and then post acquisition moved onto Cyrano Sciences, a Cal Tech start-up in Pasadena, CA. Later he was Director of Engineering at Smiths Detection – a medium size defense contractor funny topics developing trace chemical sensing technology for the detection of chemical warfare agents, explosives as well as toxic industrial compounds in addition to a large number of industrial applications.

Mr. Steinthal received a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Arizona, with a minor in Optics, and a BS degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Rochester.  He has had several patents granted and has been involved in two acquisitions by Fortune 500 publically traded companies.

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Giancarlo (John) Meazzo – CFO

Mr.  Meazzo has 45 years of experience as a corporate financial executive in both public and private companies. Worked as a CFO for over 25 companies (some as an interim) in industries such as Hospitals, Insurance, Mutual Funds, Manufacturing, Hospitality, Food Chain, Non Profits, Stock Brokerage.

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Dr. Sergey Karlin – Director, Product Business Development

Dr. Sergey Karlin is a seasoned technology professional with unique blend of technical knowledge and business acumen in generating innovative product ideas and bringing them to fruition.  Sergey is an acknowledged expert in the application of facial recognition and image processing technology including personal identity authentication.  While at L-1 Identity Solutions, Sergey was instrumental in developing the first commercial face surveillance solution and forensic face examiner application used by major law enforcement agencies and intelligence community.

Sergey stared his professional career at AT&T Labs, where he focused on high-speed data services.  Following AT&T, Sergey worked at Visual Networks, Inc., ION Networks, Inc. and Whale Communications, in each case assuming increased responsibilities.  Sergey has a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Russia Academy of Sciences and M.Sc. in Applied Mathematics from Moscow State University.

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Jonathan Hawkins – Senior Software Engineer

Sr. Software Engineer, control systems architect, and prior lead developer of medical optics systems. Mr. Hawkins has a proven history of delivering robust high speed data analytics software in the medical and aerospace industries. His specialties include: advanced image processing, embedded firmware development, low level system integration, signal processing, robotics, software automation, and networked computational systems.

Hawkins graduated with his Bachelors degree in Mathematics and continued to pursue thesis statements about technology his career in software engineering. With over 12 years of software development experience, Mr. Hawkins has performed extensive work in the field of image processing and high performance computing. In addition, he also has worked on a vast number of electronic hardware systems and provided development leadership for industrial equipment and embedded designs.

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Diana Orozco – Finance and Administration Manager

Ms. Orozco has over 12 years of experience in Finance Management and Administration. She has a proven track record of reducing operating costs and optimizing company management practices. Ms. Orozco has worked extensively with DCMA, DCAA government contracting procedures, and continues to grow her career in the defense industry. Additionally, she manages logistic operations, company policies, budgeting, finances, accounts payable, accounts receivable, human resources, and performs all necessary administrative functions.

Ms. Orozco graduated 2012 with a degree in BA in Business Administration from University of Phoenix to advance her role

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Kevin Robles – Test Technician

He has experience fully testing the product or system to ensure it functions properly and meets the business needs, such as testing all aspects of the product, system like function/component, system performance, regression and service. Setting up of test environments, designing test plans, developing test case/scenarios/ usage cases, and executing these cases. He has performed demonstrations for many government agencies including SPAWAR-ATL, FBI and NIJ.

Mr. Robles has worked for SVI 6 years as a Test Technician.

Robles currently attending local university for a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering. He holds two Associate Degrees, one in Engineering Technologies and another in Physical Sciences.

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Mike Thompson – Domestic Sales

Mr. Thompson has over 40 years’ experience in conducting business development, directly and as a manufacturer’s representative, for leading manufacturing companies, focused primarily on the U.S. government (Homeland Security, FBI, Secret Service, DEA and CBP), military and law enforcement space.  His clients and colleagues recognize him for his professionalism, leadership, and creativity.

Mike began his career with Textron, Inc.  He later joined Breeze-Eastern, NJ and was responsible for business development with the National Guard, Special Operations, Army, Navy, Law Enforcement and Helicopter OEMs.  He has developed business opportunities for a leading hand-held gyro-stabilized electro-optical supplier to the U.S Army, Navy, Federal and Law Enforcement agencies and coordinated the business development of new targeting acquisition.

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Gary Olson – International Sales

Gary was raised in Southern California and was awarded his Graduate and Post-Graduate Degrees in Business from the University of La Verne. Gary has worked in the Aerospace Industry for over 40 years, initially in Production/Inventory Control and in Sales and Marketing over the past 30 years, the last 15 in a Senior VP position. Gary has extensive experience in Commercial and Government, Domestic and International Sales promoting high-tech solutions for operational issues.

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